Rhys Howell

Projects & Works


I'm currently working at MongoDB building Compass and the MongoDB VSCode extension with some great people. Previously I worked on Atlas - a favorite project was writing an interactive map that shows your database's latency around the world and enables you to configure your global sharding strategy (screenshot below).


Founded and built a generative art community and marketplace.

Users can create artworks on Artsable using code, share the artworks, interact with other users, have the artworks printed on various products, and sell the products which are being printed.

I think there are a lot of people who are visual learners who haven't been introduced to code - yet. Artsable is aimed to be a platform for people to learn how to code and also a platform for people to express themselves with code.


Biked South from Seattle with my good friend Adam. (And built howfarsouth.com for writing about the journey).

How Far South Website


A few friends and I wanted to bring the Sofloo Spot algorithm into the real world, so we built sofloo.com for people to find a design created by the sofloo algorithm and purchase it on a t-shirt.



Two friends and I built wearwiki.com which let's a user find a random Wikipedia page, pulls creative commons images from it, and prints them on t-shirts. With each shirt sold we send money to Wikipedia.

Stick GG

Built and designed an online realtime multiplayer game with 3 friends. It has accounts, leaderboards, many game modes, unlockable characters, many maps, and much more. Play it here: stick.gg



Wrote a configurable, interactive image to SVG converting tool. Published on npm. live demo


Some of my generative art can be found on Artsable, Github, and Teia.